Announcing DeRay Mckesson at the RESULTS Conference

We are thrilled to welcome DeRay Mckesson as a keynote speaker at the RESULTS International Conference.

DeRay is an educator and civil rights activist focused on issues of innovation, equity, and justice. He has recently published a new book of reflections on his life and activism, On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope. His award-winning podcast Pod Save the People dives deep into justice, culture, social issues, and politics.

DeRay was named one of the World’s Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine in 2015 and as one of the 30 Most Influential People On The Internet by Time Magazine in 2016.

DeRay has worked to connect individuals with knowledge and tools, and provide citizens and policy makers with commonsense policies to ensure equity. He believes that “the world…can be made better, one act at a time.” We can’t wait to hear from him at the RESULTS International Conference, and we’d love to have you join us!

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