Why come to the conference?

Every day, policymakers in Washington make decisions that affect people’s lives. We think you should be part of that decision-making process, and so should your community.

Join us in Washington from July 14-17 for the RESULTS International Conference. Learn about how what happens on Capitol Hill affects the fight against poverty. And learn how you can influence those decisions in Congress, with the media, in your community, and on the campaign trail.

Why Should You Come to the 2018 RESULTS International Conference?

  • To ensure Congress is making the right decisions around issues of poverty. Powerful advocacy can happen from home, but being in Washington, D.C. with hundreds of advocates carrying the same message has a profound impact. You’ll learn about the problems and solutions to poverty, and which policies will help us end it. Much is at risk—being in Washington matters.
  • To become the best advocate you can be. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or new to this work, the conference will have top-notch advocacy trainings on building relationships with lawmakers, speaking powerfully about the issues, using the latest messaging to influence decision-makers, and generating powerful media to move policy.
  • To learn how to engage and mobilize your community. The fight to end poverty does not end in DC. At the 2018 Conference, you’ll get training to mobilize a broad base of constituents to take powerful action together, and to build leadership in yourself and others to strengthen the movement. You’ll also learn how to start new RESULTS groups in your community and beyond to keep building the movement to end poverty.
  • To gain skills in making poverty a key issue during the 2018 elections. This year we’ll have an election-focused learning track that will prepare you to inject issues of poverty into the fall 2018 elections in a non-partisan way. You’ll learn how organize community members, engage the media, and get firm commitments from candidates on the campaign trail. RESULTS is putting poverty on the agenda this fall – we need your help!

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